Where it all began

Born Ghanaian descent in south east london, A-Star grew up between two worlds: one of his family’s deep ties to Ghanaian afrobeats in his home; the years he spent around the South-East London emerging Hip Hop/Grime scene. His acclaimed debut album More Like Me (January 2016) was a fun and bubbly fusion of Hip Hop/Grime and Afrobeat vibes. With viral hits such as “Eggplant” and “Chocobodi”, his star in on the rise.

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Now with a foot in the Afrobeat scene, A-Star continues to dominate the airwaves and claiming the “Afro-Dance King” title with the release of his 2018 new single “Kupe Dance”. The #KupeChallenge was one of the biggest social media challenges of 2018 with almost 90,000 posts on Instagram. “Beyonce” herself danced to the song in her Global Citizen 2018 perfomance in South Africa. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that wouldn’t either skank to or sing along to all of his infectious bangers.